VKT Rules Addendum

Addendum to the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Rules for Virginia Kayak Trail (VKT)


Effective 2/7/2022

**ALL ANGLERS WILL NEED TO PROVIDE VKT WITH A SUBSTITUTE W-9 BEFORE YOU ARE PAID ANY WINNINGS. (You can use this secure link to provide this information: Substitute W-9 **

KBF Rules Located at: https://www.kayakbassfishing.com/kbf-rules-standards/ are the legally binding rules that all competitors will use while fishing with Virginia Kayak Trail (VKT). Any changes in the KBF rules will be followed when they are announced by KBF. This VKT Rules Addendum is specific to Virginia Kayak Trail and will override the associated rule in the KBF rules. The VKT Tournament Director(s) has the final say in the enforcement of these rules.

KBF Section 1: Participation and Eligibility

  • Active Membership in KBF is NOT a prerequisite for participation in VKT Tournaments, but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take part in their benefits (i.e. KBF NC spots, Insurance, KBF Partner Championship spots).
  • VKT tournaments are open to anyone who meets all requirements specified in this addendum.
    • The Tournament Director has the right to refuse angler entries in any VKT tournament and reserves the right to disqualify anglers based on a violation of tournament rules.
    • All VKT tournaments are conducted using FishingChaos. Each angler who wishes to participate must create a free account on FishingChaos® before the first day of competition.
    • All entry fees are paid on FishingChaos no later than 7pm the night prior to the start of the tournament.
    • Tournament Fees:
  • $40.00 Entry Fee
  • Optional $10.00 Big Bass
    • Tournament Payouts:
  • 100% Entry Fee minus $10 for VKT Classic Fees.
  • 1-10 Anglers
    • First Place -100%
  • 11-20 Anglers
    • First Place -70%
    • Second Place -30%
  • 21-40 Anglers
    • First Place -65%
    • Second Place – 25%
    • Third Place – 15%
  • Big Bass Payout is 100%.
  • Competitor’s Right to Cancel — Any competitor who wishes to cancel their participation in a tournament may do so by emailing VKT at kayaktrailva@gmail.com
    • For all tournaments, if cancellation email is submitted before the registration deadline a full refund will be provided minus the fees.
    • Once a tournament has started, no cancellations will be accepted, and no refunds will be provided.
    • VKT is not responsible for any refunds of expenses related to travel or lodging reservations or other payments involving third parties.

KBF Section 2: Fish Eligibility

  • The minimum length of a Bass in any VKT tournament is 10 inches.

KBF Section 5: Competition Area

KBF Section 10: Scoring

  • In the Monthly tournaments, all fish must be submitted to FishingChaos within 36 hours of the time the picture is taken. The fish will be denied or disqualified if submitted more than 36 hours after taking the picture.

KBF Section 17: Disputes and Appeals

  • If a Competitor wishes to dispute a rules violation penalty, a judge’s scoring decision, or other action that materially affected the Competitor’s ranking or prize eligibility, they must immediately utilize the challenge function on FishingChaos. You have until the photo submission deadline for all formal challenges.
  • All disputes or appeals will be handled at that time with the Tournament Director having the final say.

KBF Section 21: Waiver and Release

  • Name and Likeness Release — By registering for any Virginia Kayak Trail tournament, the Competitor grants to Virginia Kayak Trail the right to use all photographs, likenesses, stories, accounts, details of Competitor contributions, exploits, interviews, bloopers, and information pertinent to the Virginia Kayak Trail tournament, as well as any video footage, photographs gathered at the tournament, for marketing and promotional purposes. This release is granted without expectation for additional compensation upon submission of tournament registration.
  • Waiver and Release of Liability — As a condition of participation in a Competition, and by virtue of registering for the Competition, each Competitor agrees to accept the terms and condition of the Virginia Kayak Trail Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement. This Agreement absolves Virginia Kayak Trail, its officers, staff, and volunteers from responsibility and threat of litigation in the case of injury, loss, or death sustained by a Competitor in the Event. Registrants under the age of 16 must have their waiver/release form signed by the parent or adult guardian who will accompany them throughout competition. An acknowledgement must be on file with Virginia Kayak Trail before a registrant is eligible to compete.
  • This release can be found on our website at the following link: https://vayaktrail.org/vkt-waiver-and-release-of-liability/

Virginia Kayak Trail (VKT) Additional Information:

  • VKT will publish Launch and lines in times this year. The launch/lines in time will be posted in FishingChaos for each tournament.
  • VKT has two types of tournaments this year.
    • Monthly Tournaments – these are the normal online tournaments that start at 0001 (12:01 AM) on the first day of the month and end at 2359 (11:59 PM) on the last day of the month.
    • 1 Day Open Tournaments– These tournaments will be held on a saturday or sunday.

Angler of the Year (AOY)

  • We will be disclosing the new format for calculating AOY at a later date.

VKT Classic Tournament

  • Qualification to fish the Classic
    • Win any tournament.
    • Fish 6 tournaments
    • Be in the top 10 in AOY points (Roll Downs are possible)
  • VKT Classic Tournament Fees:
    • $50.00 Entry Fee
    • Optional $10.00 Big Bass
  • VKT Classic Tournament Payouts:
    • 100% of Classic Fees collected throughout the season plus 100% Entry Fee minus administration fees.
    • The same payouts, based on number of anglers, as the regular season will be used.
    • There is only one Big Bass payout at the end of the tournament.
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